WELCOME: “Justice for you”

My law office is a full-service office that is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for all clients.  At my office you can expect to get knowledgeable and professional legal advice that is tailored to your specific case. I understand that every legal issue is unique and I am committed to providing the best out come for you. As a solo law practitioner you will only work with me and I intend to maximize your legal experience by keeping you involved and well-informed at all stages of your case.

At the office I can help you with a wide variety of legal services. Please see the list of practice areas or contact the office with any questions you may have.  Evening and week end appointments are available.

Looking forward to working with you!

Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Juvenile Law

  School Expulsion

  School Suspension

Family Law



  Child Custody


Wills and Trusts

Personal Injury